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TBC maintains a close business relationship with numerous companies nationally and internationally. Our partner organisations welcome the prospect of hiring highly-motivated students. We work with potential employers committed to making TBC the “Institution of first choice” from which to recruit dynamic and talented students.

TBC’s Career Development Centre has been established to prepare our students for successful careers with companies and organisations across Nepal, India and the Middle East. In addition to the opportunities for development provided by the academic programmes, the centre assists students through training, counseling and personal development of ‘soft skills’ in communications and teamwork. Students gain real business experience through internships with our partner organisations such as Verisk Information Technology, Coco-Cola, M. A. W. Enterprises (official distributor of Yamaha, Skoda), Braindigit and numerous NGO/INGO’s. These opportunities give our students exposure to business practice and insight for their future careers.

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