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The British College is committed to the appropriate use of information technology in teaching, research and administration through the provision of a wide range of computing resources and support services. We have a leased line with high speed bandwidth to provide round the clock internet access to students and to enable them to remain connected. We have Wi-Fi hotspot facilities throughout the college premises, maintained by multiple repeaters and access points. TBC’s internal network has an optical fiber trunk which assures efficiency. Our web based online virtual learning system acts as communication tool between students, faculty, administration staff and parents. Every classroom has a PC and digital projector, with power backup. We also have various dedicated study areas available with electric outlets and network plug-in points.


IT Partnerships


The British College has created and maintained partnerships with many IT institutions in order to provide our students with the best programmes and internship opportunities.

Since 2014, TBC and the Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) have worked closely, organizing training workshops, seminars and awarding certificates for student participation in these programmes. The partnership promotes innovation, technical entrepreneurship and gives our student’s access to the latest Microsoft Software.

A more recent collaboration with CISCO, the worldwide leader in networking, has led to the launch of The British College ‘Networking Skills Training Academy’. The academy aims to teach students about the importance of online platforms for connecting, communicating, and collaborating. Courses are delivered in partnership with CISCO Networking Academy, a global education program that helps students prepare for ICT careers in areas such as network security and administration, technical support, and healthcare IT. The online course materials used at TBC were developed by CISCO and a team of global educators and offer features such as network simulation exercises, labs, and assessments.

TBC is additionally a member of the Oracle Academy. As a result, students have access to Oracle software including Oracle Database and Java Development Environments and can participate in Oracle focus groups. Students are awarded 50% discount on Oracle University training and 25% discount of Oracle certification, including exam vouchers. Moreover, our students have access to a wide variety of resources that will help them to expand their knowledge, develop their skills and become a technology innovator. At TBC we encourage and support our students to achieve Oracle certifications which will differentiate them from the competition. 



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