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Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation - Patisserie

Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation - Patisserie

The Level 2 City and Guilds UK qualification in Food Preparation - Patisserie has been developed for those working within the catering industry and covers all the main elements of food preparation, as well as specialist patisserie knowledge and skills. Taught in association with the British College, this course is ideal for anyone looking for a successful career in food preparation, especially Patisserie. For those who are new to the skill, the course will teach them the knowledge they need to secure a job within the industry. And for those who already have experience, this course will hone their skills and provide them with the qualification they need to further in their careers. Throughout the course, students will learn in a group environment and will be taught by expert Hospitality trainers in our fully-equipped kitchen and restaurant - via lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice.


Progression Opportunities

On completion of the course, students will be fully qualified to apply for a position in a commercial kitchen. Alternatively, they can progress onto one of the following courses:

  • Level 2 Awards in Barista Skills
  • Level 3 Diploma in Culinary Arts



For the Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts (Patisserie) the fees are 2,50,000/- (90 hours).
Yes! Every candidate who successfully passes the course will be given the opportunity to interview for a job, internship, or placement in either Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, or Thailand.
It really depends upon the career path that the student chooses, but most entry level positions following these programmes have a starting salary of around NRs.30,000/ to NRs 80,000.
The culinary arts offers a wide range of career options, including chef, sous chef, pastry chef, line cook, caterer, food stylist, food critic, food writer, and restaurant manager. There are also opportunities in food entrepreneurship, culinary education, and culinary tourism.
Studying one of our courses is a great step on the road to becoming a chef as you need to gain experience in the culinary field. Many aspiring chefs also attend culinary schools or enroll in culinary programmes to learn the fundamental techniques and acquire essential skills, like the ones that we offer here. Working in professional kitchens, apprenticing under experienced chefs, and gaining hands-on experience are also valuable steps towards becoming a chef.
While formal qualifications are not always required, culinary arts programmes, culinary schools, or vocational training can provide a solid foundation. Some aspiring chefs pursue culinary degrees or certifications from recognised institutions such as ours. However, practical experience, creativity, and a passion for cooking are equally important.
Some essential skills for culinary arts include knife skills, cooking techniques (such as sautéing, roasting, braising), food safety and sanitation, menu planning, flavor profiling, pastry and baking skills, plating and presentation techniques, and the ability to work efficiently under pressure.
Improving culinary skills involves continuous learning and practice. One of the most important ways is to attend cooking classes or workshops, like the ones that we offer here. We would also recommend experimenting with new ingredients and recipes at home, learning from experienced chefs or mentors, reading cookbooks, culinary magazines, and online resources; watching cooking shows or tutorials; seeking feedback and constructive criticism on your dishes; and staying updated with food trends and culinary innovations.
  1. Pastry Chef
  2. Chef
  3. Sous chef
  4. Line cook
  5. Caterer
  6. Food stylist
  7. Food critic
  8. Food writer
  9. Restaurant manager


Unit No.               

Unit Title       

To achieve the Diploma learners must achieve all of the following units                  



 Understand the Hospitality Industry



 Understand Business Success                                                              



Guest Service                                                                                            



Awareness of Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry                                          



Professional Workplace Standards                                                                              



Understand Own Role in Self-Development                                                                



 Food Safety                                                                                                   



Meet Guest Requirements Through Menu Planning                                                        



Mise en place                                                                                        



Prepare, Cook, and Finish Cakes, Biscuits and Sponge Products Using Standardised Recipes



Prepare, Cook, and Finish Pastry Products Using Standardised Recipes                     



Prepare, Cook, and Finish Dough Products Using Standardised Recipes                                  



Prepare, Cook, and Finish Hot Desserts Using Standardised Recipes                                      



Prepare, Cook, and Finish Cold Desserts Using Standardised Recipes                    



 Prepare, Cook, and Finish Simple Chocolate Products Using Standardised Recipes             




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