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BSc (Hons) Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence

BSc (Hons) Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence

Duration 4 Years
Start Date January 2024
Programme Leader Dr. Rohit Pandey
Awarded By UWE Bristol

About the Course 



The BSc (Hons) Computer Science - Artificial Intelligenceis a course run in partnership with The University of the West of England, UK, that gives students the unique opportunity to gain a British degree from right here in Nepal. 

This flexible, employer-focused programme in Computer Science uses modern teaching methods to guide students in the use of complex algorithms. Learners on the course will further be taught how to explore big data and implement software on state-of-the-art platforms. Students will also have the chance to choose from suitably designed and selected modules that offer them the opportunity to specialise their knowledge in evolving fields such as Smart Devices.

At the end of the course, graduates will leave with a solid understanding of the basic tools and concepts of modern AI and Data Analytics and be ready to meet the worldwide skills shortage in this area - making them valuable candidates for both the home and the overseas educational market.


Programme Objectives 


  • Develop lifelong learning skills in order to contribute to your profession and society, through both research and practice. 
  • Become a competent software developer who can explore and make use of new technologies as they emerge
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence concepts and techniques to offer innovative solutions to problems or to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of existing systems.
  • Be able to recognise security threats and their implications, plan actions and design systems to manage them.
  • Be able to make a significant contribution as a member of a team in the development of computer-based systems, offering solutions in a range of application areas.
  • Respond to and act upon the ethical, legal and professional implications that may occur in the workplace.
  • Be equipped to understand and respond to the changing needs of industry and society. 



Your Future 


On completion of the programme, students may proceed to a postgraduate course in a related subject area. The British College also has a number of industry links through which students can obtain placement opportunities. Alternately, our students will be fully equipped to create their own company or progress to a career in roles such as (but not limited to):

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Natural Language Processing Specialist
  • Game AI Developer
  • AI Consultant
  • Robotics Engineer


Entry Requirements


Foundation Programme


To qualify for the foundation programme you must have one of the following:


  • 10+2/CBSE or equivalent
  • 60% (GPA 2.4) or above aggregate score
  • A Level (minimum 3.5 credits with 3 full credits)*


*Any other qualification must be approved by the Programme Leader before being accepted 

Direct Entry:


  • Pass TBC Foundation Programme 




  • Overall 75% & above with a minimum of 70% in English or;
  • 120 UCAS points with a Minimum of 96 points from 3 A Level subjects (Excluding General Studies)




  • 6.0 IELTS or equivalent (with no skill below 5.5)

TBC-UWE International Foundation Programme* (Year 1/L3)

Semester 1 Semester 2
Academic English & Effective Communication 15 credits Academic English and Effective Communication 15 credits
Mathematics for Computing 15 credits Internet Technologies 15 credits
Introduction to Programming 15 credits Fundamentals of Multimedia 15 credits
Computer Fundamentals and Network 15 credits Fundamentals of Data Science 15 credits


Level 4: TBC - UWE Programme (Year 2/L4)

Semester 1  Semester 2
Artificial Intelligence I  15 credits Principle of Programming  30 credits
Computer Systems Architecture 15 credits Web Development and Databases 30 credits
Foundation of Computing 30 credits    


Level 5: TBC - UWE Programme (Year 3/L5)

Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced Algorithms 15 credits Machine Learning 15 credits
Advanced Software Development 30 credits Operating Systems 15 credits
Artificial Intelligence II 15 credits Systems Development Group Project 30 credits


Level 6: TBC - UWE Programme (Year 4/L6)

Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced Databases 15 credits

Distributed and Enterprise Software


30 credits
Digital Systems Project 15 credits Entrepreneurial Skills 15 credits

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent

Systems (Optional)

15 credits Advanced Systems Programming (Optional) 15 credits
Big Data Analytics (Optional) 15 credits Security Data Analytics and Visualisation (Optional) 15 credits
Mobile Applications (Optional) 15 credits    

*The student must take 15 credits from the modules in Optional Modules 



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