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MBA (Graduate)

MBA (Graduate)

Duration Pre-Masters + 3 Semesters
Start Date January 2024
Programme Leader Nishtha Rajbhandari
Awarded By Leeds Beckett University

About the Course

The MBA (Graduate) is a career-oriented programme from Leeds Beckett University, UK. The primary aim of the programme is to provide postgraduate level knowledge, understanding, and skills that can prepare students for a career in business and management.


Throughout the programme, students have the opportunity to develop their management and leadership style, in order to think and move strategically in uncertain business environments. 


Students on the programme will also learn how to apply academic theories and concepts whilst addressing real-life business issues, in order to be equipped with the analysis and communication skills that are needed to work with stakeholders in businesses from a diverse background. 


Independent learning, along with creative and critical thinking skills, are all developed throughout the students project work, to help them to become innovative and entrepreneurial in generating and implementing effective ideas in their work.






Programme Objectives 

  • Equips students with the theoretical and practical skills required by business leaders in the current business context.
  • Develops entrepreneurial skills to enable identification and ability to develop creative solutions and/or enterprises.
  • Develops research and evidence based problem solving skills.
  • Provides students with the opportunity to build relationships with industry through consultancy projects.


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Your Future 


As the course has an international context, graduates  will be competent at working in both the local, and the international job market. e.g within Finance, Operations, Marketing, and HRM, in a range of roles including (but not limited to):  


  • Middle-level managerial to head of a team or organisation
  • Initiate and develop your own business
  • Business or management consultant

Entry Requirements 


Pre-Masters Programme:


  • Bachelors Honours Degree: 2:2 or above (55% or above)

Direct entry 


  • A pass in TBC's Pre-Masters degree;


  • A degree greater than or equal to 2.1 (Students fully meeting LBU entry criteria can join directly to the university programme) and;


  • A minimum of 6.5 IELTS or equivalent (with no skill below 6) 


  • A student may be allowed admission with relevant managerial (evidenced) work experience (no less than 2-3 years).


(Note: individual university partners may have variations on the type and amount of work experience and if it is required. Please refer to the Programme Leader for further specific course information).  


The Pre-masters programme is suggested to be successfully completed before joining the University's Programme. It is structured as follows: 

Pre-Masters Programme
Academic English 15 credits
Business Research  15 credits
Financial Accounting 15 credits
Fundamentals of Business and Management 15 credits
  60 credits


The MBA programme is structured as follows and is made up of six core modules(including a group-based consultancy project) and four optional modules.

Semester 1
Becoming a Master Manager 20 credits
Marketing Dynamics 20 credits
*MBA Consultancy 40 credits
Operations and Logistics Management 20 credits


Semester 2
Financial Analysis 20 credits
Strategic Management 20 credits
Elective (I) 20 credits
*MBA Consultancy 40 credits

Semester 3                                                            
Technology Entrepreneurship 20 credits
*MBA Consultancy 40 credits


Final Project Semester
*MBA Consultancy 40 credits

*: starts from the first semester and runs till final project semester


Indicative Option Modules (Electives)
Management, People and Organisations 20 credits
Business Process Operations Management 20 credits
Social Media Marketing and Management 20 credits
Corporate Finance 20 credits


Students apply their learning to a real organisational issue of strategic level across any relevant business and management disciplines. They'll be encouraged to work independently and also manage a client-consultant relationship.


The MBA (Graduate) programme is designed to provide postgraduate level knowledge, understanding, and skills for a career in business and management. It emphasizes developing management and leadership styles, strategic thinking in uncertain business environments, and the ability to address real-world business issues.
The programme encourages the application of academic theories and concepts to real-life business issues. It aims to equip students with analysis and communication skills required to work effectively with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.
The programme fosters independent learning, creative thinking, and critical thinking skills through project work. This helps students become innovative and entrepreneurial in generating and implementing effective ideas in their work.
The programme aims to equip students with theoretical and practical skills required by business leaders, develop entrepreneurial skills for creative problem-solving, enhance research and evidence-based problem-solving abilities, and provide opportunities to build industry relationships through consultancy projects.
The MBA programme offers a unique opportunity for students to work on Consultancy Projects. These projects involve students acting as consultants to solve real-world problems for clients. It provides students with hands-on experience in client relationship management, project management, and academic research.
Students can assist with projects in various fields such as People Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, Marketing, IT, Finance, and Accounting. Each project involves rigorous research and evidence-based recommendations.
The Consultancy/Dissertation Project carries 40 credits. It's a substantial part of the programme where students gain practical experience and make real-world contributions.
A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed between the students and the client company to ensure confidentiality. The British College and university team also adhere to a strict research ethics policy to ensure projects are ethically managed.
Organizations can receive free consultancy services from postgraduate students, gaining evidence-based recommendations. It's a chance for students to gain real-world experience and build strong industry-academia relationships.
An MBA equips students with a broad business knowledge base, leadership skills, and networking opportunities. It can lead to career advancements, increased earning potential, and the ability to pivot into different industries.

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