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BSc (Hons) Computing

BSc (Hons) Computing

Duration 4 Years
Start Date January 2024
Programme Leader Anita Gurung Rana
Awarded By Leeds Beckett University


About the Course


The BSc (Hons) Computing Programme is a course run in partnership with Leeds Beckett University, UK, that gives students the unique opportunity to gain a British degree from right here in Nepal. 


The curriculum provides detailed knowledge of the key aspects of computing, from the forefront of the discipline - and gives students the ability to undertake computing projects at a professional standard, by the consistent application and review of development, management, and evaluation methods and techniques.


Students studying this course will gain highly sought-after skills in computer programming, database development, networking, website development, systems modelling, and computer security - which are vital for gaining entry into organisations which demand confident and technically equipped computing graduates. 


This wide breadth of understanding enables students to be enterprising when devising and sustaining arguments and further teaches them to solve problems using innovative ideas - by implementing learned techniques in a multicultural and globalised world.


These are vital skills for gaining entry into organisations that demand confident and technically equipped computing graduates.





Programme Objectives

  • This course is equivalent to the BSc CSIT and BIT in Nepal. 
  • Work on real-world projects, focusing on specialist areas of the student’s choice - including web technology, network and communications, database, and software development.
  • Gain experience in co-operative working through group projects.
  • Develop professional-level skills in technical and report writing, public speaking, and presenting.
  • Graduate with the ability to independently undertake research and critically evaluate arguments, assumptions, abstract concepts, and data.




Your Future 


On completion of the programme students may proceed to a postgraduate course in a related subject area. The British College also has a number of industry links through which students can obtain placement opportunities. Alternately, our students will be fully equipped to create their own company or progress to a career in roles such as (but not limited to):

  • Software Developer Or Engineer,
  • Web Developer
  • Database Developer Or Administrator And
  • Network Architect And Technician

Entry Requirements


Foundation Programme


To qualify for the foundation programme you must have one of the following:


  • 10+2/CBSE or equivalent
  • 60% (GPA 2.4) or above an aggregate score
  • A Level (minimum 3.5 credits with 3 full credits)*


*Any other qualification must be approved by the Programme Leader before being accepted 

Direct Entry:

  •  Pass TBC Foundation Programme




Academic Requirement 

  • Overall percentage 75% and above


  • 120 UCAS points with a Minimum of 96 points from 3 A-Level subjects (Excluding General Studies)


English Requirement


  • Minimum of 70% in English


  • 6.0 IELTS or equivalent (with no skill below 5.5)


The degree programme is comprised of a one year Foundation Year provided by University of the West of England (UWE) followed by a three-year degree validated by Leeds Beckett University.


What is Year 0 or Level 3?


Year 0 in The British College is a Foundation Year  (Certificate to be awarded by The British College) that is designed to help students progress into BSc (Hons) Computing degree. The aim of this year is to: assist students to adapt to the UK style of learning, improve students' English ability, and introduce the necessary skills required for higher education.


Year 0 or Level 3 consists of 8 modules. 


Level 3: TBC-UWE International Foundation Programme* (Year 0/L3)


Semester 1 Semester 2
Academic English & Effective Communication 15 credits Academic English and Effective Communication 15 credits
Mathematics for Computing 15 credits Fundamentals of Multimedia 15 credits
Introduction to Programming 15 credits Fundamentals of Data Science 15 credits
Computer Fundamentals and Network 15 credits Internet Technologies 15 credits

*The International Foundation Programme is awarded by University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol). 


Note: Academic English and Effective Communication is a double credit module that will be studied in both semesters.

After the Foundation Year, students will be registered with Leeds Beckett University, the programme can be completed entirely in Kathmandu, however, transfers to Leeds are also possible for interested students. 


Year 1 or Level 4 consists of 6 core modules totalling 120 credits


Level 4: TBC - LBU Pathway Programme (Year 1/L4)


Semester 1 Semester 2
Fundamentals of Computer Science 20 credits Object-Oriented Programming 20 credits
Computing Systems 20 credits Fundamentals of Databases 20 credits
Fundamentals of Computer Programming 20 credits Computer Communications 20 credits


Level 5: TBC - LBU Programme (Year 2/L5)


Semester 1 Semester 2
Digital Security Landscapes (Optional) 20 credits Logical Programming for Engineers 20 credits
Database Systems (Optional) 20 credits Computer Network Architectures 20 credits
Web Application and Technology (Optional) 20 credits Team Project 20 credits
Operating System in Practice 20 credits    
Software Systems Development 20 credits    


Level 6: TBC - LBU Programme (Year 3/L6)


Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced Software Development  20 credits Applied Data Analytics (Optional) 20 credits
Cloud Computing Development (Optional) 20 credits Developing Mobile Applications (Optional) 20 credits
Advanced Web Engineering (Optional) 20 credits Advanced Networking System (Optional) 20 credits
Advanced Database Systems (Optional) 20 credits Production Project 20 credits
 Production Project  20 credits    

Note: All students take the Production Project with two optional modules in each semester. 


The BSc Computing program at The British College is franchised Programme with Leeds Beckett University which is a comprehensive undergraduate degree program designed to provide students with a strong foundation in various aspects of computing and technology. The program covers a wide range of topics including programming, software development, databases, networking, cybersecurity, Mobile Development, Machine learning and more.
The franchise partnership involves The British College delivering the BSc Computing curriculum provided by Leeds Beckett University. This allows students to earn a degree that holds the same academic quality and recognition as if they were studying directly at Leeds Beckett.
Entry requirements may vary, but generally, applicants are expected to have completed their high school education or equivalent with relevant subjects such as mathematics or computer science. Details on specific entry requirements can be found on The British College's official website or prospectus.
The curriculum includes a variety of courses covering topics such as programming languages (Java, Python, etc.), web development, computer systems, databases, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and more. Students can expect a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills development.
The British College provides various opportunity for students to undertake internships or work placements, allowing them to gain industry experience. It's advisable to check with The British College regarding any such opportunities that might be available.
The British College offer specialized tracks or elective courses within the BSc Computing program, such as Networking, data science, software development, Web Development, Database, Mobile Development etc. Check with The British College website courses to see more detail.
Assessment methods can vary across courses but often include a mix of coursework assignments, practical projects, exams, and presentations. This helps evaluate both theoretical understanding and practical application of concepts.
Graduates of the BSc Computing program can explore various career paths in technology-related fields. This could include roles like software developer, web developer, data analyst, IT consultant, network engineer, systems analyst, Mobile developer and more.
The British College offer career support services that include job placement assistance, CV/resume workshops, interview preparation, and networking opportunities having different Job Fair. These services aim to help students transition smoothly from university to the professional world.
Yes, students who complete their BSc Computing degree may choose to pursue further education through postgraduate programs such as a Master's degree in a specialized computing field or related discipline with advanced computer science.
For detailed and up-to-date information about the BSc Computing program, including admission requirements, curriculum details, and application procedures, we recommend visiting The British College's official website or contacting our admissions department directly.

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