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BSc (Hons) Data Science

BSc (Hons) Data Science


The BSc (Hons) Data Science (*Subject to Validation) Degree delivered at The British International College in partnership with Keele University, UK has been designed for students with an interest in applying data science and computing to a wide range of theoretical and real-world problems. 


Data-driven computer systems are now vital to business, government, science, and society, and there is much demand for graduates with the professional understanding and practical skills to work within these fields. Throughout the course, students will learn how to harness software and hardware technologies to solve real-world data analytics problems and develop the data analysis systems of the future. 


The programme explores the theoretical underpinnings of the data science discipline and places an emphasis on practical data analytics, computer programming, and software development. Many of the recent advances in these areas can be attributed to developments in computing and data science, and as this trend is likely to increase in speed and impact - so are the employment opportunities within the field.


Programme Objectives 

  • Develop intellectual, practical and additional transferable skills.
  • Gain a sound academic grounding in the discipline of Data Science and relevant aspects of Computer Science and Mathematics. 
  • Develop an understanding of the professional issues relevant to your working life. 
  • Receive both subject knowledge and understanding, as well as subject-specific skills.
  • Learn behaviours and transferable skills - including employability skills.
  • Gain work experience abilities and skills specifically related to careers typically followed after the course. 



Our Data Science degree is great preparation for employment in related fields of finance, healthcare, transport, business intelligence and e-commerce, as well as further academic study. And your experience in research and self-directed learning will equip you with the abilities needed to respond to the latest developments in this fast-changing field in the years ahead. 

Specific careers related to this degree include (but are not limited to):

  • Academia
  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Information officer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Statistician

Please get in touch for course-specific entry requirements. 


There are no specific subject requirements for entry onto the programme, and no previous experience in computing or computer programming is needed.


KEELE Bachelor’s Degree Programme


Level 4: TBC- KEELE Programme (Year 1/L4)
Semester 1
Programming I - Programming Fundamentals 15 credits
Introduction to Data Science I 15 credits
Introduction to Statistics and Software 15 credits
Mathematical Techniques for Data Science 30 credits
Semester 2
Communication, Confidence and Competence 15 credits
Introduction to Data Science II 15 credits
Statistics 15 credits


Level 5
Semester One  Credits
Programming II - Data Structures and Algorithms 15 credits
Computational and Artificial Intelligence I 15 credits
Visualisation for Data Science 15 credits
Semester Two  
Database Systems 15 credits
Applied Deep Learning 15 credits
Professional Mathematics and Data Science 15 credits


Optional Modules 
Semester One Credits
Web Technologies 15 credits
Probability 15 credits
Individual Study Topic in Computer Science 15 credits
Semester Two  
Advanced Programming Practices 15 credits
Software Engineering 15 credits
Linear Statistical Models 15 credits
Operational Research 15 credits


 Level 6
Semester One Credits
Machine Learning Applications 15 credits
Data Mining 15 credits
Semester Two Credits
Third Year Double Project - ISP 30 credits
Computational and Artificial Intelligence II 15 credits
Data Ethics and Security  15 credits


Optional Modules 
Semester One Credits
Bioinformatics 15 credits
Game Theory 15 credits
Semester Two  
Advanced Databases and Applications 15 credits
Advanced Web Technologies 15 credits
Medical Statistics 15 credits



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