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Interview of Sunita Basnet

 Q1. What are some of the unique aspects of the Postgraduate Business Management (PGBM) program-related degrees offered through The British College?


The Masters in Business Programme (MBA, EMBA, MIBM) that is being offered at The British College stands out because of the association with well-known and highly reputed Partner Universities in the UK. Leeds Beckett University that offers MBA/EMBA Programme has an overall Five Star rating by QS World University Rankings 2021. University of the West of England that offers MIBM Programme has a Gold Star rating in Teaching Excellence. 


The Programme Curriculum that gets delivered in Nepal is as per the university design and strictly follows the academic regulations and the framework of the partner universities. The content and curriculum gets updated annually to meet the demand and changing context of the contemporary world.


One of the unique features of the masters programme at TBC is the final project. This is a Consultancy Project which offers opportunities to the students to solve real-world problems by associating with real-world clients through proper and thorough research. For this, TBC helps students with research placements with industry clients in Nepal through the college network and advisory boards. We provide hands-on support to the students on the entire process of applied and academic research for their final project. More than 80 consultancy projects have been successfully completed in the MBA/EMBA programme in this manner. This, we believe, helps convey a message of practical relevance of the course and enables our students to become real-world problem solvers when they go out in the industry. 



  1. Can you talk about the recent success of some of the alumni from your program?


Graduates of PGBM programme have achieved remarkable successes after they completed their programme at TBC. Our graduates have secured jobs at multinational companies with some leading in senior positions in financial institutions. Some enterprising graduates have started their own businesses. 

Students have shared their experiences which can be viewed here 



 2. Can you talk about how the PGBM faculty are provided opportunities to develop their teaching capabilities?

As much as we support students to be at their best during and after the programme, we also try our best to support our faculties to improve and learn. As part of academic development activities, we offer our faculty members opportunities to complete relevant online courses that ultimately contribute to a better teaching and learning experience. For example, our faculty members have completed courses on online teaching and learning, research writing, contemporary approaches to teaching at the university, etc. We also try to encourage active feedback and reflection among ourselves which enables a sharing and learning culture. 




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